Project developed in 2016 during my internship at Unistudio (Lille). This project was implemented collaboratively with CIC-IT® and PPRS®.
Somno-Art is an ambulatory monitoring device allowing the scoring of the user’s sleep internal structure with results equivalent to those obtained from the complex polysomnography (PSG).
Based on the recordings of two basics and easy-to-measure physiological variables: heart rate and body movements. Our in-house software produces a full description of the sleep architecture.
In clinical researches and patients diagnosis fields, the current scientific solutions are limiting the possibility for scientists and doctors to score sleep accurately and on a large scale.
 Somno-Art brings this opportunity to produce comprehensive hypnograms and full sleep architecture and continuity parameters description to the professionals.
Offering Clinical Data at Home. Indeed, Somno-Art can also be used at home. Anyone seeking a better understanding of his sleep, or assess potential sleep disorders, while avoiding the complexity and uncomfort of PSG, will find in Somno-Art an ambulatory and easy-to-use solution.
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