B-SOUND was a nomadic speaker proposed in 2013 for Boulanger® contest called «sourcing and creation».
This project is a nomadic speaker constituted by two hulls. The external hull allows to protect shocks the electronic elements placed in the support. The speaker is pointed at the ground using the echo with the hard surfaces to throw sound waves in all the directions. The specific shape of the speaker also allows to protect it from projections of water which pass by on this one without getting in touch with electronic components. This speaker can be used inside as outside. Indoor, its modern shape allows to exhibit it on a shelf or a table. Outdoor, on the lawn, the speaker is in its element, its removable foot allows to plant it to stabilize it. The sound is then better propagated. Its functioning is simple with a button one / off, the bluetooth and + / - for the volume. Its bluetooth system allows to connect it at a distance with a computer, TV, smartphone and touchpad.
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